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 Environmental protection situation:
   一、Operation of pollution control facilities
   1.For wastewater produced in the production process, a 500T/D sewage treatment plant is built and discharged to the wastewater treatment plant after the pretreatment meets the standard.
   2.2 sets of waste gas collection and treatment equipment are built to collect and process the waste gas produced in the process of acidification oil production and sewage treatment and discharge after reaching the standard.
   二、Environmental impact assessment and other administrative licensing of construction projects

EIA approval
Enterprise name Project name Examination and approval institution Approval time and number
Shandong Henghua Jiaye Environmental Technology Co. Ltd. Development and production of 22 thousand tons / year industrial grade crude fatty acid oleic acid fatty acid feed oil project Rizhao City Environmental Protection Bureau In August 13, 2015, Japan open ring [2015] No. 27
三、emergency plans for environmental emergencies
   Our company developed the "Shandong Henghua JIAYE environmental protection science and technology limited company of environmental emergencies contingency plans" after the evaluation of experts reported the development of District Environmental Protection Bureau for the record, document number: 371102-2016-06
   1. gas boiler exhaust gas boiler gas dust is mainly.SO2.NOx, mainly for the sewage treatment station of biogas produced by atmospheric iron oxide dry desulfurization process for reducing fuel combustion emissions of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides in flue gas. Meet the various indicators of the country to achieve the discharge standards.
   2. acidification workshop waste gas and sewage treatment station generated waste gas, odor, concentrated collection, through alkali spray + activated carbon adsorption system processing, to achieve standard discharge.
   3. sewage treatment steps: oil slick + micro electrolysis + neutralization + air flotation + three stage anaerobic + anoxic aerobic treatment, after reaching the standard, into the Rizhao Economic Development Zone Wastewater Treatment Center depth treatment.

五、Discharge of major pollutants
Pollution factors Pollution factors Emission concentration Annual emissions Emission destination
waste water waste water 102110.8t/a The treatment of industrial wastewater discharged into the municipal pipe network Luyuan Center
COD 331.85mg/L 33.89t/a
NH3-N 28.03mg/L 2.86t/a
waste gas SO₂ 91.57mg/Nm³ 4.86t/a Exhaust the atmosphere by an air pump
NOX 146.04mg/Nm³ 7.71t/a

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